Thursday, April 16, 2009

The sword falls.

I apologize for the maudlin title of the post. It was that or "The Laws of Entropy."
This morning I was in the dairy room as usual. My supervisor came in, not unusual, and told me to take a walk with him, also not unusual although you are probably already way ahead of my story. We walked passed the room where I take the dairy products and I thought "Aw, crap." Because I knew that we were headed toward the HR office. Sure enough, the Foreman was there, the HR guy was there, my supervisor sat next to me. The Foreman started with "these are tough times and..."
Here I am at home and I am unemployed. I have to take my uniforms from my delivery days back at noon and then I am going straight to the unemployment office. We have enough for maybe like 2 months and we do still have income (Laurie's, the book business, unemployment.) But, needless to say, I will require a new, full time job of comparable pay.
We are also planning on bugging out to OC in the very near future as I will have no vacation in June, nor anytime in the near future even if I found new employment immediately.
Yeah, so I am no longer employed at ProPacific. An interesting fact is that tomorrow was to have been my 2 year anniversary at ProPac.
The future stretches before me like a thundercloud. Every morning I wake up and thank God for providing for me and my family. I shall continue.
If you are the praying sort, prayers are appreciated. And if you are the employing sort, we are willing to relocate.


  1. Paul & Laurie,

    I am so sorry to hear of this. God is sovereign, and has cool things for you.

    Hard to hear when you are in the soup, I know.

    Prayers on your behalf, sent heavenward!

  2. 2 bright sides:
    you don't have to get up at 3am (unless you really want to) and I may get to see you sooner than June.

  3. that sucks Paul...I know you enjoyed those drives...I will be praying and trusting in the Lord for this situation.