Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Act Two?

We made it home. Schubert was very excited to see us. Upon our arrival we found the very good news that unemployment is going to pay me only about $100 less a week than my job paid. This is very good news as Laurie and I have spent the past 5 days asking things like "What are we going to do about Laurie's Mom?" "What are we going to do with the 6,000+ books?" "What are we going to do with the dogs?" Meaning when we inevitably lose the house. Now that is beginning to seem like less of an inevitability while I struggle like a crazy man to find a new job.
No one we've told this news has been as excited as we were, but then we realize that pretty much everyone we're surrounded with are going through their own very hard times.

I don't believe in omens. Ever. I hate reading too much into things. On the way out of my parents house a wolf hybrid dog was in my parent's yard and came to the door, preventing us from leaving. It also chased their cats. I made a "wolf is at the door" joke. But then we got back to Chico and found that we have unexpected roses in our yard. See. You can read anything into either of those. Better to just keep going and not be at the mercy of moods, suggestions or the wind.

We have no air conditioning in Laurie's car so our ride home, as Laurie said, "was like travelling by stagecoach." We are wiped out, dirty, sweaty, emotionally taxed, and ready for a spot of wine and a good sit down.

Tomorrow, for me, will be the dentist (I still have dental through the end of the month so it behooves me to get my cavities filled ASAP), filling out unemployment forms, sending in at least two resumes, and calling the mortgage company to beg for a period of relaxed rates. Times being what they are I am lead to believe that they will agree.

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