Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dispatches from the Valley of the Shadow of Death

So, the morning after the lay off I rose very early and pulled out my Geneva Study Bible. I was aiming for Psalms but, wouldn't you know it, opening right to the beginning of Job. It was exactly what I needed to read. It has been on my mind and heart ever since (and Laurie can testify on my tongue as well.)
We decided to take a breakneck trip down to OC to visit my parents. We are driving back to Chico on Tuesday. While Laurie and I were driving down my mother suffered a tremendous allergic reaction to some medication (she has a rare, auto-immune disorder) and ended up in the Emergency Room. She is still in the ICU.
I went to the hospital with Dad this morning. Mom is not well by any means, but she was better when we left than when we arrived. She could potentially be out of the hospital before we leave on Tuesday. Maybe. Providence brought Laurie and I down here at the perfect time. I think it was very good for all of us to be together right now.
They carted Mom off for tests. Dad brought me home. Mom left us a few hundred dollars she had been saving for our originally planned trip in June. Laurie and I went to a used book store that is liquidating its inventory for closing and we spent about a third of the money on books. Many were presents for ourselves which I almost felt a little guilty about except that 1) that was what Mom wanted us to do with the money and 2) Richard Wagner's autobiography and the collected letters of Mozart!
We are going to dinner with Dad soon.
For those readers who fancy themselves the praying sort, the job search is loaded into my cannon. Also, the people who were left behind. The people who have to lay people off are heavy on my heart. Also, from what I'm hearing, the ship seems to be sinking at my old job. Those people need prayer and help as well as I. Also, my mother.

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