Sunday, April 12, 2009

my John Bunyan class

The John Bunyan class went really well. Laurie said she thought that it was my best so far. I am only inclined to say that John Bunyan may very well be my favorite in the series. He was pretty much everything that was good about Puritans with nothing for me to have to explain. I talked about his suffering, our global chaos compared to the global chaos of his day, I mentioned a sermon by Robert Krulwich, I almost cried at one point when I talked about how Laurie may outlive me. I talked about Bunyan enduring a life of great suffering by focusing on the only eternal, the only source from which all good flows. He says it way better than I could ever manage when he talked of his conversion in Grace Abounding:
"It was glorious to me to see His exaltation, and the worth and prevalency of all His benefits, and that because now I could look from myself to Him, and would reckon that all those graces of God that now were green in me, were yet but like those cracked groats and fourpence-halfpennies that rich men carry in their purses, when their gold is in their trunk at home! Oh, I saw that my gold was in my trunk at home! In Christ my Lord and Savior! Now Christ was all."

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