Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ave atque vale

This blog may very well be more interesting in the near future. One of the pleasant side effects, I suppose, to an otherwise bleak malady.
I lept into action and filed for unemployment immediately. I also found 2 jobs to apply for. There is always Hope. And there is always Crosby.
As you can well imagine, a good portion of the day was consumed with phone calls and discussions of the future.
We came to a few decisions.
Tomorrow we are going to Orange County. We pushed Laurie's next cleaning job back to Wednesday so we are leaving tomorrow and returning on Tuesday. Providentially, my 32nd birthday will occur down there. I needed to go to Orange County. I needed to see my parents and I needed to see the ocean. We have people to watch the pets.
We return to Chico Tuesday night at which point my full time occupation is job hunting. We have enough money to see us through a couple months should worst come to worst. I have no intention of seeing worst come to worst.
People have been very supportive and I thank and love you all. May you live in less interesting times.

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  1. We will miss you guy's on Sunday! Praying...