Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stalling like Carl

And so we are heading back. We are about to get into the car. In fact, I am stalling. In fact, Laurie was pretty much hovering over me as I sit here until she decided I was taking my sweet time and she could go have an English muffin. We really ought to get back on the road. I am stalling because I don't want to go back to the uncertain. Although I do want to go back to my dogs.
Pretty much the trip was going to the hospital with my Dad (who I set up with a Twitter account, by the way. Go check out Terry Mathers.) This was good. Laurie and I agree that the hand of Providence was blazingly obvious on this trip.
Mom did almost die. The doctor came to her yesterday and said, "Mrs. Mathers, you almost died." On Friday when they took her into the ER her blood pressure was 60/30 and falling. It was an allergic reaction to some medicine for her polymiositis. As of last night she looked fine and I just got the message that she will be home today although, unfortunately, we will be halfway back to Chico by then.
Dad took us out to dinner for my birthday. That was nice.
Laurie and I have packed up and are about to get on the road.

But I am stalling.

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