Monday, April 6, 2009

Day approaches the nearest to perfection this side of the Blue

Of a Spring Afternoon, Laurie and I walked in Bidwell Park.
Gorgeous Laurie on the amazingly beautiful trail on the fantastic day. Really it was the very zenith of spring afternoons. This was taken slightly before I broke out in singing "Poisoning Pidgeons In The Park." You can tell by Laurie's face not yet saying "Oh no, he's doing something horrible again."

I seem incapable of hiking without climbing things. In this case it was the tree stump where I proposed to Laurie about, what, like almost 3 years ago.

Me on the trail.

Here is Laurie at the One Mile Pool.

Here is our Tulip Tree which I planted in our front yard.


  1. You should always climb the stump where you proposed to Laurie and shout out your love for her!

  2. I agree! I like your tulip tree too.