Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Podcast- The Dream by Lord Byron

This week's podcast is a poem, The Dream by Lord Byron.  It's another piece about sleep which seems to be an emerging motif in my podcast material choices.

The piece is said to have been inspired by view from the Misk Hills in Nottinghamshire in England.  So, if you're fabulously wealthy or happen to currently be in North Central England, you can go there and see what he was on about.

Although it's not uncommon for one to take bits of dreams and put them in works of art.  There's a wonderful story by Robert Louis Stevenson which posed the question over whether or not that is a form of plagiarism.  Maybe I'll get to that piece one of these weeks.

So, here is one of Lord Byron's great poems.

And, as always, you can follow this link to download it for yourself.

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