Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hey, look, some people like home decor updates, okay?

It's been a little intense around here lately.  I apologize for the lapse in posts.  I assure you that the Book Group and the podcasts will keep coming as planned.  I have a larger post on Walt Whitman in the works.  But I wanted to take a moment here in the middle of the morning to post photos for those who have been keeping up with our home projects through the miracle of the internet.

Here is the room we just painted after Laurie completed the little homey touches one strives for in a guest room.  This was taken about a week ago and since then Tony has moved back in temporarily.  But this gives you an idea of what the room looks like and what it will be like when someone visits.  It's a cute little room.  The quilt was made by my grandmother when I was a very small child.  Each square is a letter of the alphabet with fictional characters and brands that appealed strongly to children in my generation.  At the top is my name, the names of my extended family members, birth date, time, weight, etc.  My grandmother made another quilt which is red and was made for my wedding although it's carefully stored at present, awaiting either a proper hanging display arrangement or a home on the bed in winter in some unlikely future chunk of space-time when we don't have pets.
Also, please bear in mind that we are still going to paint that closet door white.

If you come to visit, I cannot guarantee that Napoleon will be in your room, but I also can't guarantee that he won't be.  Which may be why we're still waiting on someone to take us up on our hospitality.  This is the view if you were standing next to the bed and looking to your left.

So, I won a contest.  Author Chuck Palahniuk tweeted a give-away by Doubleday of two posters for the first one-hundred people to send them an email expressing their interest.  On a lark, I applied and was counted among the winners.  Much to the amazement of both Laurie and I, not only is it a very attractive poster, but it also matches the entire color scheme of our home perfectly.  I was further amazed that Laurie was in agreement that we should frame it.  I think we're going to hang it in the dining room, but that's still being decided.
Also, as usual, you can click on the images to make them larger if your desire to read the poster exceeds your desire to squint.
I am assured that the frame will press out those folds in the poster.

That's all I have for now.  I hope that all of you are well.  Again, sorry for the diminished posts on this blog.  I will now go so far as to make one of my rare promises and say "More soon."


  1. Is the poster signed?

  2. Thanks!

    No, but going to the book tour to see if I can get it signed has crossed my mind.

  3. Some day, should we live that long, I hope to have art hung in that little guest room too.

  4. Can't wait to stay with you, Terry will have to sleep in the car!