Friday, May 21, 2010

Greetings From The Couch!

Hi, everyone! Paul Mathers here with a public service announcement.  Are you over 30 like me?  Then you might want to consider stretching before you go on your daily walks.  You may have noticed the photo above of me on the couch with my leg wrapped and elevated.

It happened when I was walking Ginger and I stepped off of a curb to cross a street like any normal, coordinated human being would do on any normal day.  What I did not account for it that my calf is 33 years old and apparently the tendons don't hold together like they used to.  It was a long hobble back to the house and I learned that Ginger clearly has no Saint Bernard in her.  Although putting a barrel of brandy on her collar might come in handy now that I'm thinking of it.

Actually, it may have something to do with the shoes I was wearing which were not sensible for walking.  They were nonsensical shoes.

And yes, for those keeping score, I think that equals two major nerd cred points for Paul: 1) I sustained a dog-walking injury and 2) I may be using it as an excuse to get more reading done.

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