Sunday, May 16, 2010

Important updates!

First of all, we've been plate-poor since we've been married, having to wash dishes often, so we finally got around to buying a load of new plates. These are restaurant plates, plain and white, which we find very charming.

The plants are now planted. You can kind of see the black eyed susans if you make the picture large. We planted them on each side of the steps. Next to them, about a foot away, is lavender. You can't see the jasmine in this picture as it is outside of the fence. But you can see Ginger in the doorway.

The lilies have bloomed. The dark spot is a bumblebee.

Also, this beautiful little guy came to visit our back wall this evening outside by the basil bush. My hand is for size comparison and, again, my hand is the size of a normal human hand.


  1. that was simply awesome! I myself love restaurant crockery though I remove them away from site when guests are around coz it is considered cheap to be using that at home !