Friday, June 18, 2010

Reading Group Reminder- Pride and Prejudice

Our Reading the Classics reading group is about to embark on Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  Everyone is more than welcome to join us in our reading.  This first week we will be reading through Chapter Fifteen which, in my text, will take me up to page 70.  Don't panic!  They are very short chapters which means every third page has about a fifth of the page taken up by the chapter number.  It is also quick reading.  Our goal is to complete this book in five installments.  So, we will meet back next week with comments on Chapters 1-15.

For newcomers who may wish to join in, I post updates late Thursday night and you are welcome to comment, blog for yourself, or just enjoy reading along.

Usually in these reminder posts I like to post a little song or something in reference to the text we're about to read.  A thorough scouring of Youtube yielded nought but trailers of the forthcoming film version of the zombie infusion (which we will not speak of again) and enormous amounts of film clips with popular contemporary love songs playing over the action of recent straight film adaptations.  Not being a thirteen year old girl, my decision not to post any of those was immediate.

I can't believe in 200 years no serious music composer has thought to offer a musical meditation on the text.  I mean, there's a musical and a film soundtrack, both of which I couldn't make it through 30 seconds.  No librettos or symphonic offerings.  Not a single nod from Sibelius or Stravinsky.  Not even a Duke Ellington sort of thing, you know, something like "Pitching at the Pemberley."  Composers, take note.

So instead, here's Noel Coward singing about the Stately Homes of England:

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