Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More Home Decorating Updates- Finished With Painting At Last!

We framed the Palahniuk poster and hung it in the dining room.  It looks like this, although we quickly decided it might be more at home in my office, but this is what it looks like hanging anyway.

So, we finished painting the front room, which I believe will be our last major painting project for a while (next in line, I think, will be repainting the white trim on the outside of our house.)  We took down the magnificent model ship, put it out on the porch, and used one of those cans that spray air on the dust (look at the deck of the model ship in this picture!)

And it lived in the kitchen for a couple days while we finished painting the front room (ah, and compare the deck in this picture: post air-spraying.)

We have many art prints from our visit to the J. Paul Getty Museum on our second anniversary which we've been waiting to frame and hang.  At last we've reached that point and our house feels much closer to a home.  We haven't hung all of the art yet, but we've begun.  As Christopher Lowell tweeted to Laurie, "Now comes the fun part!"  More photos to come, but here's Fernand Khnopff's Jeanne Kefer which is immediately in front as you enter our front door (that heater will soon be painted black.)

Even more than art prints, we love original art from people we know.  Here is a print by our friend and photographer James Evarro, which is to your immediate right as you enter our home.

And, as you enter our house, here is what you see as you look slightly to your left.  There is the model of The Napoleon atop the wardrobe in the corner in all of its glory.  And, in all of his glory, there is Napoleon the cat on the coffee table.  You'll most likely see both if you come to visit.  Only one of them is likely to bite you on the nose.

If you pass through the archway and turn around to look at the room from the other side, here is what you will see.  We have a lot more art to hang, but it's already looking and feeling so much nicer.  So much more like a home.


  1. Love the bold! Looks great with the posters and other artwork. But I'm such a wimp with color. Perhaps I am stuck with my "gramma" personality. lol
    P.S. I am reading C.S. Lewis' "Perelandra". Have you read it? Like it?

  2. I love it too. Two things: first, it took us a lot of courage mustering to go with the bold colors and second, the bold was kind of an accident. A happy accident, but the color looks a lot different than it did on the sample swatch.

    I love C.S. Lewis' space books, but it's been a very long time since I've read them. I hope you're enjoying it.