Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A few photos from the past few days

Well, as Laurie just posted a wonderful series about our home redecorating (here's part one and part two) and as I have two other blog posts and about three other writing projects in the works, I thought I would post a few quick and marginally interesting photos from the past few days.

As I mentioned before, the new rule at the Tree Farm that all dogs must be on leashes has cleared the place out.  We are taking our dogs on walks there several times a week now.  Schubert has become very fond of swimming in the creek although at times he misjudges the depth of the water.

Laurie takes Schubert a good deal of the time.  I think that's because how silly it looks for small Laurie to have big Ginger and big me to have tiny Schubert.

We've also recently paid a visit to the Chico Cemetery.  It is startlingly beautiful and in clear view of the fence in front are people across the street buying ice cream and shopping at Radio Shack loudly in a futile attempt to drown out the existential hum.  We parked by the monument with the weeping angel.  Don't blink.

We went because one of my current writing projects is a piece about John Bidwell, so we went to visit his grave.  You can see from the picture how stiflingly hot it was that day. 

Bidwell's grave is right next to a monument to fallen soliders from the Civil War (I was surprised that there were so many from Northern California.)
The Chico Cemetery is a place I would recommend everyone to visit.  It is filled with very old trees, very old graves, and it is terribly under-visited.


  1. How does Shubert go in the water if he has to be on a leash?

  2. He doesn't go very far or very fast. I don't think he's ever gone further out than a foot from the shore.