Friday, April 23, 2010

Quick Birthday Loot Update

As you can see, I have my new glasses.  They were part of my birthday present.

I was also given a Friedrich Nietzsche watch.  The seconds hand is the phrase "The Eternal Return of the Same" as a constant reminder of the ticking away of my life.

My grandmother sent me money which I used to buy Alan Moore's graphic novel V for Vendetta, which is one of my favorites and I'm not sure how I lived this long without owning a copy.  My aunt also sent me money which I used to buy The Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler.

Laurie has ordered this for me: 
You'll notice the description "exotic Middle Eastern/ Neo-Classical melodies & tribal rhythms" which is a good encapsulation of the kind of music I used to listen to.
It's a marvelously beautiful album which I owned many years ago and lost somehow just after it went out of print.  I was extremely excited to hear recently that after a decade it's finally back in print for a limited time and I made a huge fuss and stink over how much I would love to own this album again.  Laurie is making it happen.

My birthday was very nice.  The whole family went out.  Gina brought Stefan and we even managed to get Tony to come, which was nice.  I had a giant veggie pizza.  There may have been singing with the dessert, but if there was, I've blocked it out.

I am 33 years old and in spite of the less than ideal situations in my life at present, I'm fairly pleased with where I am in my life.  In this inevitable week of reflection, it strikes me that I should write more, but other than that I'm pretty happy with where I am at 33.


  1. Lest you think you've been sending yourself messages without knowing it, and thinking at 33 you've finally gone mad, that was my comment above. Why is it my own computer always signs me in as you?!

  2. Happy Late Birthday! Sounds like it was very nice. That album sounds interesting. I need to dig out my old "Alien Dreamtime" CD.