Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Podcast!

I apologize again for last week's absence in my podcast.  As I mentioned, my allergies rendered my voice undesirable for reading aloud by my own estimation.

This week I've recorded what is most likely a familiar piece: The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe.  Poe is one of my favorite authors.  His prose could be a bit clunky in places (although, to those of us who have slogged through H.P. Lovecraft, Poe reads like greased lightning) and his poetry even more so.  But his stories are incomparable.

America is still an infant nation in a lot of ways even as we find ourselves in the winter of a decidedly Faustian period of western civilization.  One could argue that we haven't hit the peaks of art that Europe has produced in the mediums of painting, sculpture, musical composition or architecture (note: I am neither making nor not making that argument myself.)  But one medium that America has decidedly stepped up to greatness and genius is the world of literature.  And everything stems from Poe.  The detective story, the horror story, the weird tale, the fever pitches of emotion, so much is owed to Poe.

So, I hope you enjoy this week's offering.  As usual, you can listen to it here:

Or you can download it here:

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