Friday, December 25, 2009

Reading The Classics Group Reminder

Just a quick reminder to those who would like to read along with the Reading The Classics Book Group. Next Friday we will be posting our comments on the first section of Walden by Henry David Thoreau. We will be focusing on the first section which is titled "Economy" and is about 60 pages worth of material.

If you have not yet secured a copy, this is why the Good Lord gave us gift receipts.

As a side note fun fact, my copy is the copy that was owned by my father when he read it in the 1960s. It's the old Signet Classics edition with the Yellow Submarine looking Thoreau sitting beneath a tree on the cover. It has my father's signature in the cover and is falling apart.

As you will remember, I usually put a little fun side material on these reminder posts. Here's a Youtube video of a guy going into a cabin which is not Thoreau's cabin, nor is it on the spot where Thoreau's cabin stood (as you will learn from this week's reading, Thoreau did not enjoy the luxury of a parking lot outside of his cabin), nor is the guy in the cabin making much of an effort to actually act like Thoreau, nor does he take the opportunity to actually say anything relevant about Thoreau or Walden but rather rambles a bit about a Danish philosopher. It is, however, a Youtube video with Thoreau's Walden in the subject line. You cannot successfully dispute that fact. Also, it may give you an idea of what Thoreau's cabin may have looked like. An inaccurate idea, but an idea none-the-less.

So, get Walden, read the material, and next Friday we will meet back to comment upon it!


  1. Funny, our versions this time may be very close to identical. Mine (from my bookshelf, inherited from dead relatives over time), is also a Signet Classic. It contains "Civil Disobediance" as well, which may be the main reason I held on to it. If it's got Thoreau under an autumn tree sitting behind some tall grass, then it's a match! I never noticed there was a man sitting there, until you mentioned it.

    Mine doesn't have any signatures or markings indicating prior ownership (so it may actually be NOT one of my dead relatives, who were fairly consistent in marking their books).

    There is no ISBN that I can find, but it's the 27th printing. It is Signet's catalg number CP584, on the spine marked 451-CP584-060.

    I am 32 pages in, only able to get through a handful of pages a night. I knew I would want to start early on this. I do hope to make the deadline.

    And I owe you a review of Rant. I'll tell you this much - it won't be overwhelmingly positive or negative.


  2. That is the exact same edition as mine! Except that mine is the 22nd printing, but otherwise identical.

    Yes, I've had the same issue with this reading and you make an excellent point. To anyone else reading along, this may be one you need to buckle down for. At the very least, know that both Sedj and I have found this to be not the quickest read ever.

    Sedj, as always, good to have you aboard.

  3. I guess I'm supposed to start reading this now?

  4. Wow! That's not how I remembered the little cabin at all. I remembered it much smaller and the door was facing the pond and it was quite close to the pond area. The parking lot was a short walk but not as close as the video and you could not go inside. Oh well!