Monday, December 14, 2009

Quick update

Well, it's been an uncharacteristically interesting few days for us. On Friday I posted some photos on my Livejournal which lead Laurie to mention that she'd never seen a Woody Allen movie before. I marched her straight to the video store where they had a deal on renting 5 movies at a time. We got Annie Hall, Sleeper and Zelig, as well as Das Boot and Terry Gilliam's Brazil.
That first night we watched Brazil and as we were watching it I came down with a fever. I slept most of Saturday, but by Saturday night was pretty much well again.
On Sunday I taught my class in the morning on George Whitefield and in the evening gave the 3rd Advent service sermon. At the request of a few people, I will post my notes from the George Whitefield class on this blog very soon.
Part of the reason why the fever on Friday night was a frightening thing, beside the obvious, is that today I had a job interview. It was the first I've had in a while and it was for a place where I would really love to work. I would really like to get this job. I should know about it by the end of the week.
Also today, my mother went in to surgery for the cancer on her forehead. It looks like it was a complete success. But then Laurie's Mom went into the hospital with congestive heart failure this morning. Laurie's been at the hospital with her all day. So by strange coincidence, if you believe in that sort of thing, both of our mothers were in the hospital today.

So, that's where I find myself this evening. Life's thrown a few uncertainties our way over the past few days.


  1. It's the Woody Allen curse. I avoid all things Woody Allen. But then I have cancer myself, so perhaps my avoidance was for naught.

    P.S. I pray that things turn out well on all fronts...job, Mom, and Mom. Bless you guys!

  2. Excited and hoping with regarding the new job. Enjoy reading each post you make here and looking very much forward to having access to as many notes on Church History which you choose to make available. Praying right now for your Mom and Mother-in-law.