Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday News in Review

Violin News:

I thought this was a heartbreaking story, but also twinged with hope and sweetness. Violinist Aaron Rosand sold his Guarneri violin for a staggering $10 million this past week. It is the most a violin has sold for in recorded history. Rosand sold the violin because he is quite old and says that he is past his professional playing years. He wanted to make sure that the violin would be used by those who would cherish it. He also give $1.5 million to the Curtis Institute of Music. He left the London hotel room where the exchange took place in tears stating that it felt like he left part of his body behind.

Intergalactic News:

European Astronomers have discovered 32 new planets outside of our solar system. This increases the number of extra-solar system planets to 400 known and way ups the odds of there being other planets which could support life. They're saying that around 40% of sun systems have Earth sized planets.
I'm not saying there might be aliens. But the good news is I am saying that we might be able to find a new planet before we completely destroy this one. So there's kind of good and bad news on several levels.

Physics News:

Stephen Hawking's successor for Cambridge's Lucasian Professor of Mathematics position has been named. It's none other than Michael Green who you, of course, know is one of the great minds in modern string theory and the co-discoverer of the Green-Schwarz Mechanism.

Well, that's all I have this week folks. Yeah, that's all I got this week. I probably wouldn't have even bothered had it not been for that violin story. It's been a short two weeks for my News in Review mainly because I have no intention of writing about Balloon Boy and because I vowed not to write huge screeds about health care reform. Next week I'm sure we'll be back to somewhat normal. Until then, here's an article on how to extract DNA from a pumpkin.

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