Thursday, October 8, 2009

And while I'm at it...

The big news of the day around our house is Agnes. Agnes was a stray cat who has been around our house since we moved in. The guy next door used to feed her but he's since moved away and died actually, so we've been taking care of her. We kind of thought taking her in might be in some cosmic way a sort of memorial to our old neighbor.
Clearly she's been homeless for a long time (at the very least for the 3 years we've lived here) but also clearly she's fixed as she's one of the few female stray cats in the neighborhood not shooting out kittens all the time. She's not wild at all. She's very meek, gentle and sweet to the point of seeming quite fragile.
Of course, having three indoor cats, we couldn't really bring another one in. Any more than three and I think it ceases to be a better life for everyone involved. I think three cats is cat capacity for our house.
So, when Mao Mao died we had an opening although we weren't sure if we were going to fill it. We decided if we did get another cat, the right thing to do would be to bring in Agnes although we would need to get her all of the appropriate medicine including tapeworm pills and earmite treatments. Agnes was old when we met her, she wheezes, she has parts of her ears missing, her fur is patchy, her eyes are sunken. And she doesn't meow so much as she makes little beeping sounds. We wanted to give her a good life.
So last night we finally got the last pill in her and brought her into the house. She adjusted almost immediately and seems to love it here. She seems very comfortable and at peace.

Also last night we had a massive power outage in our neighborhood. This is what I look like in a power outage. Yep, just as much of a dork as when not in a power outage.

The other recent feline addition to our lives is the decidedly outdoor cat we call Evil Tom. Evil is the father of Napoleon and Mao and thousands of other kittens in the neighborhood. We call him Evil Tom because he fights with pretty much everything that moves. Getting him fixed is our next philanthropic savings project. Lately he's finally come around to being friendly to us and we are feeding him and harboring him under our porch. The feeding came first and then he became very friendly to us, so we're under no illusions that he likes us for our winning personalities.
He's very skittish, but for some reason the power outage made him sociable enough to snap a few pictures of him.

Before the power outage, here's Laurie petting Evil Tom.

Yep. That's what we have for news in our lives. That's why I don't use this blog as a journal of my personal life very often.


  1. lol! Don't worry. I would probably blog everyday about the kitties in my life but I don't want to be that weird cat woman :)