Monday, August 9, 2010

Weary of Time

Like a metaphor from a short story taught in high school literature class, sunflowers are growing in our basil patch that we don't really remember having planted.  Our unexpected sunflowers are beautiful.  The one above is at its peak and bees find it highly attractive.  We think maybe we planted them when Tony brought home the plants from his Ag class, which means they were dormant for over a year.  When they fade, we plan on harvesting the seeds and planting as many as we can around the perimeter of our property.

One of the big pieces of news in my life is that my 400 day weekend is drawing to a close.  Next week I begin work again.

Gina got a chihuahua.  She's named him Lil' Chompy which, I am told, is short for his full name: Gnome Chompsky (which is doubly funny because Gina is a Linguistics major.)  Last night they brought him over to meet us.

That's about all I have to report for now or, at least, all I want to report.  It's been a very rough week for me, but there are certainly some bright patches.

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