Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Church Photos

As I strive to be known as a man of his word, you will, of course, recall I had promised pictures of our new church building. You can see the stained glass windows clearly in this photo in case you hadn't noticed.

This is the actual building from the street outside. Our chapel is the back 1/3rd of the building. The large front portion is a much larger sanctuary which, on Sunday, houses another Reformed church. Although I think they're Dutch Reformed.

Here is the lovely and well kept garden I mentioned. To the left would be a great patch of flowers. Alyssum and zinnias. Also a fountain.

My friend Paul and I admiring the garden. If you kind of squint you can see the base of the fountain behind the tree to the right of me. I'm the tubby guy in cold wash colors.

Here's the kitchen which connects the social hall to the chapel. I can't get over the floor! The social hall appears it seat even more than our chapel. We're planning on using it for pot lucks and I'm assuming that's where we will hold our Sunday School classes (of which I am teaching another church history series starting in a few weeks. I'm starting with J.S. Bach and I'm still not entirely decided on where to stop. I'm open to suggestions. I'm imagining I'll stop with a topic that I can argue was "the birth of the modern" but I'm still a little unsure of where that falls exactly. Lewis, Barth or even Schweitzer seem a bit late and I don't wish to bite off more than I can chew. I have three weeks or so to decide.)

And here's the chapel as it would look if you were to come in and find Bryan Gumpy and I chatting onstage behind the pulpit with my mother standing at the base of the stairs.

Here's how it looks without people in the picture. I'm very fond of the communion altar. Also the retro vase stands.

Here's how the chapel looks from right when you enter in the back. As you can see, we can probably seat between 100 and 150.

And, apropos of nothing, here's a nice picture of my wife and I at my brother's house.

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