Thursday, November 26, 2009

How it went

Here's my wife on our lovely Thanksgiving day.

There were no pictures of me today, which is probably best as I did not dress nearly as well as Laurie dressed. We were very excited that Tony and his girlfriend Karina were to dine with us.

Hold on there, Napoleon. Laurie hasn't even finished cooking yet!

I got up, went and got Laurie her soda and me my coffee, wrote my News in Review, read for a bit, helped Laurie by rinsing off an oven rack, lifting a few things, stirring here and there. As I mentioned, we got a turkey breast from Trader Joe's. Laurie also made stuffing (which, as she remarked, was so good that when she tasted it she almost started crying), mashed potatoes, bread, brussels sprouts and we, the two grown ups at the table, had a nice white wine. For dessert we bought one of those orange chocolates that you hit on a hard surface to break into "slices."

The dogs took it upon themselves to oversee the action in the kitchen.

There was a moment of panic when we realized at the end that we no longer have a working meat thermometer on hand. All of the "how do you know a turkey breast is done" websites said "use a meat thermometer." All of our neighbors were not home. Finally we decided 15 minutes longer than the package told us was long enough and our current lack of food poisoning is a testimony to the wisdom of the decision to move forward at that rather dramatic portion of our narrative.

Mercifully, that was the most dramatic part of the day.

So, here's Tony and his girlfriend Karina making their first appearance together on my blog. We had a nice chat at dinner.

After dinner, Laurie and I took a plate of food over to Laurie's Mom's house. We came home and had a quiet evening. Laurie thought it might be fun to, for once, see what was on PBS and play Scrabble. Unfortunately, PBS was running a marathon of cooking shows on ways to prepare turkey meat, so we restored our home to its usual state of tranquility (which we take great pains to maintain except for when the dogs need to go out.) Laurie made me laugh harder than I have in months with a suggestion of a word that I could make with my last letter.
Laurie did a spectacular amount of work to prepare a fantastic meal, but I think she would agree that it was a relaxing day for all.


  1. thank you for sharing your holiday with the rest of us. what a wonderful life you two are living. blessings to you both (and I want your kitchen! LOL)

  2. Thank you! Yes, we are very blessed.

    I love our kitchen.