Wednesday, May 6, 2009

quick check in

I thought I ought to check in over here on my blogger. I don't nearly often enough whereas I seem to post incessantly to my twitter:
and to my livejournal:
This is supposed to be my protein journal. I am the first to admit to my sweet tooth.

So, tomorrow we hit the 3 week mark from my lay off. I have been far from idle. I have covered and recovered Chico with resumes daily and constantly. I have had one interview and I have many leads. I find positions I am qualified for and apply for them daily (even today when I spent the bulk of the day helping Laurie at her job.) In short, while the belt is tightening a notch or two for the moment (I try not to dwell on it) it seems to me that it is only a small matter of time before I find something.

I have started work on my book. Laurie and I received equipment today for our new secret project (and we cannot thank Christov enough.) More on that soon. Not to mention the baked goods I've made.

So, life is decent and blessings rain upon us like white lotus petals. We still have food on the table and a roof over head. Laurie has been so good and encouraging to me through this. I am blessed.

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