Monday, May 4, 2009


We just finished Mozart's Idomeneo on DVD. This was the 2006 Salzburg Festival production with the fantastic Ramon Vargas in the title role. It was phenomenal. I cannot encourage you enough to seek out a copy of this production and enjoy it.

The set design was stunning as were the costumes. The negative space pulled attention to the action (especially in the scenes where the four leads all sang the same lament, each having separate meaning for their lament) while the catwalk around the orchestra, the use of flowing fabric suggesting the sea and the removable screen/abstract seashore behind kept the set from being stark. I loved loved loved having Neptune as a silent, invisible, menacing figure lurking around the action throughout. While all of the cast were beyond the pale, Ramon Vargas (Idomeneo) and Anja Harteros (Electra) were quite simply marvelous.

Laurie and I agree that this was by far the best opera production we have seen and for me that includes those I saw before ever knowing Laurie. Which is high praise from a confirmed Wagnerite.
Do yourself a favor. Find this production.

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