Monday, May 25, 2009


I was on Facebook looking at a quiz that my step-daughter Gina took on "How Well Do You Know Me." As I so often find myself doing I started to craft one for myself but quickly gave up. Partly because I really want to go on a hike and don't seem to have the focus to come up with brilliant questions. Partly because so many of the suggested questions illustrate my earlier point. So much of what we are is wrapped up in stuff. Here is a partial list from the Facebook quiz suggestions:

What is my favorite pizza topping?
Favorite childhood game is ________.
What body part would I like to get a tattoo on?
What color suits me best?
I secretly would like to be a ________ for a day?
What is my sexiest feature?
My favorite flavor of ice cream is ________.
What country would I like to live in?
What is my middle name?
What time am I usually in bed by?
What would I be willing to eat for 10,000 dollars?
Who would I most like to meet?
How many times have I traveled out of the country?
If I was running out of my burning house, what item would I grab?
What is my favorite store to shop at?
What am I scared of?
What would be the perfect present for me?
How many boy/girlfiends have I had?
What song would I choose to sing at a karaoke bar?
What is my favorite type of music?
My favorite sport to watch is ________.
What did I want to be when I was little?
What would I dress as for Halloween?
What is my favorite holiday?
My favorite drink is ________.
What is my dream car?
If I had to eat the same kind of food for a month, what type would it be?
What would I name my first child?
Who is my favorite Disney character?
Favorite fast food restaurant?
What cell phone network do I use?
My favorite show on TV?
What was my nickname growing up?
What is my favorite movie?
What city was I born in?

If I knew all of those answers, would I really know a person or would I know the brands they like to associate themselves with?

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