Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stilted Welcomes, Everyone!

Hello. I'm Paul Mathers. Some of you know me as Laurie's husband. Some as Possumbane from Livejournal and still others not at all. Welcome all.
I had a Livejournal for years. It slowly degenerated into pretty much what most people do with Tumblr (i.e. use it to show people beautiful and cool stuff, photos, videos, poems and quotes with very little original material.) Slowly weighing my options over time I decided, with all the fast action of a glacier, to start a Blogger to house anything of original thought, any opinion, or any personal update that I put into blog form and keep the Livejournal pretty much for what I've already been using it for. If you want to see the pretty things:
Which means that this will most likely be my primary and then only blog but so be it.
So, I guess the next step is to get to friending people and assure those people that more exciting blogs will follow presently.


  1. OK I followed you over...

  2. Congrats! Have you in my Google Reader!