Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chrimbus Wish List P.S.

I have two additional items to add to my wish list as I've just discovered the Oxford Classics website.  The first is the major works of St. Anselm, he who satisfactorily proved the existence of God to the point where it even stumbled Bertrand Russell for a bit, many centuries later.

The second comes from the realization that I will most likely be hitting Dante's Divine Comedy around the top of next year if my current progress in my reading project continues at this pace.  I will need a copy of The Divine Comedy and this seems to be the one to get.  The translation fits my criteria and there seem to be valuable notes involved.

And I promised myself I would stop there so I wouldn't get grabby.  Although I will add that you could pretty much throw darts at the Oxford University Press catalog and find something I would adore.  It occurs to me that I'm like that with most book catalogs.

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