Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chrimbus Wish List for 2012

I thought I might post a Christmas wish list as "shopping season" is around the corner and "avoiding the crowds shopping season" is upon us.

My first entry is one that I meant to purchase for myself as soon as it was released, but its release date coincided with, as coincidence would have it, a tight belt moment, so I still do not own it.  It is a book in which Tim Gunn talks about common items in one's wardrobe and illuminates the history of the garment.

I should very much like to read the autobiography of my favorite president.

I would like to have this specific edition of Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh:

And, I know I've mentioned this before, but I still would very much like to own a copy of Robert Burton's treatise on the humors.  No home would be complete without it:

As for non-book items, clothing is always welcome.  I could use slacks, a few more dress shirts, always sweaters (I could stand to have a few more cardigans), and sports coats.  I run around the off-the-rack designation of Large at this point for upper body wear and pants are around a 34-36 inch waist with around a 30-31 inch leg.  Also, of course, elegant and traditional ties are always blissfully well received.  You might look here: and on that note, for stocking stuffers, I am in desparate need of tie tacks.  I only have one and it is both falling apart and only goes with blue.  Also, speaking of stockings, socks are also always welcome, preferably in argyle.  I am also in need of mid-dress black dress shoes.  I have a pair that are a little too dressy for everyday use and my other black shoes are on the wrong side of manky after years of wear.  I wear a size 10 in US sizes (and may I say, why can't the world get along at least enough to have universal shoe sizes?  Are we really that dreadful of a species?  We will never get to Gene Roddenberry utopianism while we still have to refer to esoteric charts every time we want a European shoe!)

For food items, we could stand to have some better teaware:

Otherwise, there is always the Unemployed Philosopher's Guild, the more tasteful sections of Design Toscano, and the Ancient Sculpture Gallery (my house is still inexplicably without a bust of Socrates).

So, there you go.  A few suggestions for those inclined to shower me with their largesse. 

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