Sunday, September 30, 2012

Paul Mathers on Social Hierarchies

In this week's video, I drone on and on about social hierarchies for your amusement.

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  1. To be honest Paul I found that I followed your train of thoughts much better listening only.

    Hieros is Greek for holy as oppossed to man-made/social . As with Imperial Rome regarding authority, 'Who shall guard the guards ?

    Are Marx and Christ really so antithetical as imagined ?

    Some Sir T.B.for you - for there is in this Universe a Staire, or manifest Scale of creatures, rising not disorderly, or in confusion, but with a comely method and proportion: betweene creatures of meere existence and things of life, there is a large disproportion of nature; betweene plants and animals or creatures of sense, a wider difference; between them and man, a farre greater: and if the proportion hold on, betweene man and Angels there should bee yet a greater.

    As for your rude nouveau riche - 'though Giants in Wealth and Dignity, we are but Dwarfs and Pygmies in Humanity, and may hold a pitiful rank in that triple division of mankind into Heroes, Men, & Beasts.

    When all is in extreme social flux at present due to the economic depression engendered by society's main instrument of order, rule and distribution i.e. money/,capital it's good you make the effort to debate and clarify what's what for people.

    Think you deserve a weekly radio slot somewhere, nation-wide at least.