Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rhinoviral Review! A guide for the perplexed

Things I do when I have a head cold that truly seem to help:

1. The Neti-pot (pictured above.)  Sinus irrigation that seems to stave off my natural propensity to transform a rhinoviral infection into a secondary infection, be it in the sinus cavity or the bronchial tubes.  I cannot recommend this invention highly enough.
2. Cold-Eeze lozenges or their generic counterparts.  I swear by them that, taken every second waking hour during a head cold, they genuinely shorten the length and intensity of the cold.  I also employ menthol lozenges, however I assume their effect are purely palliative.
3. Analgesics and lots of them overlapping as often as I can.  Inflammation is your enemy, so pump yourself full of anti-inflammatories I say.
4. Steam.  Breathed in liberally especially upon waking.
5. Lots of sleep.  My mother taught me that if I'm too sick to go to school, I'm too sick to play.  I still have that ethic.  Today, for example, I slept about 16 hours.
6. Lots of fluids, especially those gleaned from citrus fruit.

Things I do when I have a head cold which may or may not work.  I genuinely don't know but do them anyway:

1. Chamomile tea with a spoonful of molasses.
2. Apple cider vinegar.
3. A half a glass of red wine taken in the hour of sleep.
4. Feeding a cold.  These two seem more like an excuse although I am told that the body needs extra nutrients when fighting a virus.  Laurie notes the gusto with which I apply this proverb.
5. Nasal spray.  Used very sparingly and even less so since I've discovered the Neti-pot.  But I was told by my physician many years ago that leaving a sinus cavity congested is a bit like having a rain forest.  An eco-system will evolve there.  I have also heard convincing arguments that nasal sprays can do more harm than good in the "come down."

Things I do when I have a head cold which probably don't help, but I do anyway: '

1. Deny that I have a head cold.

P.S. I am returning to work tomorrow.  Thank you to all of the well wishers and I wish you all a healthy Spring.


  1. Strong hot toddie

    3oz whiskey (good enough not to give an instant headache, but not so good that you're wasting it on a cold)
    6oz strong, hot black tea
    1oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
    1oz honey

    Repeat as desired.

    This isn't for a head cold or sinus infection, but for a flu. On the other hand, if you take enough of your remedy you'll forget about being sick until the next morning.

  2. A fine suggestion although there is one major problem I've found with keeping whiskey in the house. I forget to not drink it. A lot.

  3. I keep Bushmills on hand. I forget not to drink it a few times per week. Tonight I remembered to forget about drinking it because I was mugged by a Yeti. Perhaps with nerves shaken by my touch with the supernatural, a touch of the Irish would be considered a timely restorative.