Thursday, April 21, 2011

My 34th Birthday

It was a perfect storm of allergens.  Zephyrus was feeling sprightly and it sprinkled just enough to invigorate the tree pollen, not enough to wash any of it away.  As a result I had a low grade sinus headache for my birthday until wine o'clock.

However, first thing upon rising I was greeted by a cheerful knock from the postman who had brought me my recent book order.

The two books are Biblia Sacra Vulgata (Vulgate): Holy Bible in Latin (Latin Edition) and Winnie Ille Pu (Latin Edition). Laurie had a day full of work and meeting, so the rest of my day resembled a more cheerful end of the 'Time Enough At Last' episode of The Twilight Zone had it taken place after the advent of shatterproof lenses.

I've had seafood on my mind for a few weeks and Laurie and I went out for same.

With malice towards none, I will point out Laurie's food in her photo and my folded, patient hands in mine.  Something went terribly wrong with my order twice and I was finally given a complementary meal.  Terribly wrong.  Like I ordered a steak and the first time they brought me a telephone on fire and the second time they brought me cotton gauze drizzled with WD-40.  I felt bad for the server who was afraid we would be mad.  I wanted to explain to her that we were the best possible customers this could happen to for her, that it's just luxury food and they had done me no malicious evil, and that the restaurant had, in fact, given occasion for something memorable on my birthday.  I finally had a nice plate of salmon and shrimp.

And that was my 34th birthday.


  1. We were there last weekend. All of us. Like 50 decendants and spouses of Christina's grandmother. The service was excellent, considering. They were really good sports about the whole thing, even with people playing musical chairs the whole time... Happy birthday!

  2. Latin...if you begin writing your blog in Latin, I'm in big trouble in regards to reading. Just sayin'!

  3. @WhiteStone: No problem! Google Translate!

  4. Love the Latin Poo. And I wish I could say I wouldn't be one of those perturbed people who makes innocent wait staff cry.