Monday, December 27, 2010

An extraordinarily photo-heavy Christmas post.

I thought it might be nice to post many, many photos from Christmas here at the Mathers house.

Here's Laurie with many food item gifts.  She received a lot of food item gifts.  I received a lot of beverage item gifts, mainly orbiting the spheres of coffee, tea, and wine.

My folks were in town and Tony joined us for presents and the Christmas meal.

I received the complete Jeeves and Wooster television series. I should mention that the obvious exclusion from these photos is the brand new digital camera that my parents gave me.  I suppose I could have worked something up with mirrors, but there are no photos of the camera itself.

A "french press" style coffee maker.

A pair of Freudian slippers.  That is to say slippers made to look like the head of Dr. Freud.

My toes operate the tongues.

I bought a ring for Laurie.  Gold and amethyst.

Laurie also received a cookbook.

Karina made a quilt for Laurie.  Some of the patches are from Laurie's mother's clothes.

Tony and Karina bought me a tea set.

I also received a wine aerator.

And we mocked nature at the expense of poor Schubert.


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Paul and Laurie. Great pics. Thanks for sharing them. After reading of your appreciation of Jeeves and Wooster, I did rent the first two dvd's from Season one. I can remember hearing of a butler named Jeeves referenced throughout most of my life - there was even an askjeeves search engine - but I now I know where that character came from.

  2. Looks like a wonderful time. Love the slippers.

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us as well. Great pics. I'm partial to amethyst so very much liked that photo! Laurie, you look lovely!

  4. You look v. happy Paul holding your copy of every jolly episode of Jeeves and Wooster!

  5. Thanks Judy. I'm partial to amethyst too. It's my birthstone...and it's purple!