Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas List 2010

A "French Press" style coffee maker- "But wait a minute, Paul!"  I hear you cry, "Don't you already have a french press?"
"No, I had one.  But I wash dishes like the West Wind and apparently that is why we can't have nice things."
"So, what sort of coffee maker do you have?"
"Your standard American auto-drip."
"Oh really?  Do you also roll in your own filth and hate all things beautiful?"
"Look, let's get something straight about our labels.  Yes, I am an aesthete and a gastronome.  But first and foremost, I am a Bohemian.  In other words, I have made music from a four-track machine that I found by a dumpster on a college campus on graduation day.  I have taken a vow of poverty which is a synonymous way of expressing that I majored in Theater.  In short, I either come by things through the largess of others which, if I'm not mistaken, is the true meaning of Christmas, or I go without."
"My dear man, I apologize abjectly.  How you suffer without a french press coffee maker is an inspiration to us all.  Truly you, of all men, deserve a french press coffee maker."
"Yes, it has been many a year of toil and labor for my happiness.  But somehow I have suffered through it all.  You know, for art."
"Well, allow me to do my part and let your readers know that a french press coffee maker can be found at any major chain coffee house or decent kitchenware store.  Cost Plus certainly carries them for a modest price.  Smaller, local, Mom and Pop places may have them, but then they may not.  And it's not like anyone else is going to know where you bought it, so why not relax and make it easier on yourself?"
"Ah, I see you're kind of a corporate shill as well!  Back into the void of non-existence with you, Imaginary Objector!"

The Autobiography of Mark Twain Vol. 1- The new book by Mark Twain or, rather, the book that he made sure 100 passed before it was published.  Doesn't that make you curious?

The Classical Style- possibly the essential text on late 18th century music and a gross oversight in my personal library mainly due to its wide availability in public lending libraries.  Not that I need more books right now as I'm steeped in the Harvard Classics Library, wading through Moby-Dick, and threatening to start Remembrance of Things Past in the top of the upcoming year.

The Most of Wodehouse- Also in books, this seems to be an excellent Wodehouse anthology.  Readers of this blog know how much I love the Jeeves stories.  If you like it when I lighten up, this is the manner in which I lighten up.

Wagner: The Terrible Man and His Truthful Art- With a title that pretty much sums up Wagner and, as I understand the reviews, a text that follows suit, I would love to read this book about a man who is at once one of my favorite artists in history and a person I am glad I'll never have to meet.  Ah, but I see I've already put four books on this list when I promised myself I would put none.  Moving on!

The Jeeves and Wooster DVD set- I would love to own this.  I would love to sit and watch this with Laurie.

The Top 10 Classical Albums of the Year-  at least, so says Tom Huizenga, but I happen to think I would be interested in every title on this list.  Yes, I just went back and re-read it and any one of the albums on this list I would be absolutely tickled to own.

Sonic New York by Sxip Shirey- One of the best new musicians I know of.

Unemployed Philosophers Merch- I love this catalog.  This is catalog from which I got my Friedrich Nietzsche watch.  People who know me can poke around and find many things I would like from this catalog.  Almost anything from them would be fantastic.  I would especially mention the Freudian Slippers because 1) that's hilarious and b) my current slippers are looking super-bohemian at the moment.


  1. We had a French press once. Our daughter, visiting, had never seen one and she set it on the stove burner. Bad move. They are not made of laboratory beaker material.

  2. I have a french press, and a Turkish cezve that I haven't used in ages. I stick to teas most days because I can't tolerate the acidity of coffee anymore. It's now an occasional pleasure. In general, I think I like the variety that bulk teas gives me. My favorite is an afternoon blend from Upton that contains some lapsang souchoung for a mild smokiness.

    I've been interested in the Twain book, too, and have watched more Jeeves and Wooster than I have read.

  3. My stomach get a bit refluxive from the acidity as well although I can temper it with food and moderation when I can be counted on to practice moderation. I love tea and also have a couple cups of that per day as well.

  4. Any post that starts with coffee has my attention. We hand stir/roast green beans (over 1 pound at a time) using a Coleman campstove and All Clad saucepans. The coffee is always fresh and there's no rancid oils (which cause stomach issues). Our coffee maker is a cheap Melitta manual 10-cup ($12.95 on Amazon). You just pour boiling water over the ground coffee to brew.

    Thanks for the intro to the Unemployed Philosophers Guild. I like their, "Hello Dali" t-shirt.

  5. Interesting mix! I tell myself that too--I won't just ask for books and then invariably that's the majority of my wants. :o)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog recently. Good luck with your Chronicle Happy Haul-iday entry!

  6. If it were not too expensive to pay for the postage Paul I would happily mail THE WHOLE JOLLY LOT, EVERY SPIFFING EPISODE EVER MADE SERIES 1,2,3,4, of the Jeeves and Wooster DVD Box set (that's 1,556 minutes) for you and Laurie to watch together and trust to return a year later, but alas i have just realised, its Region 2 formatted, .. unless of course you know a way round that......Kevin