Friday, July 9, 2010

Help all you can, but can all you help.

This post has a purpose.  It is a call for help from local readers here in Butte County.  If you are not a local reader, you can ignore this post or you can just enjoy the pictures of a kitty.

Laurie and I are animal lovers.  We have three indoor cats and two dogs, all of which are rescued in some capacity.  We also have Cinco who lives mainly in our garage with the book business.  We would have her inside but she does not get along with the other animals.  But sometimes when she's out during the day we set out food for her, which also brought around Evil Tom who is Napoleon's father (you see, it's already getting complicated.)  We've been trying to earn Evil Tom's trust for a while now.  It ebbs and flows.  So, needless to say, we currently are at pet capacity.

But now a new, young, unneutered male cat has been showing up on our porch.  I've been calling him Bizarro Cinco because he looks like a leaner version of Cinco.

He is very cute and handsome.  He is also very friendly and clean which makes me think he may have been abandoned.  He looks like a little ballet dancer, but it may be that he has been undernourished.  He shovels his food.  He really really wants a home, a safe place with consistent food.

We are urgently trying to decide what to do with him.  First of all, as I said, he appears to be unneutered which is unacceptable.  Also, he doesn't get along with Cinco and Evil Tom has disappeared altogether since Bizzy has started hanging around.  So, we were talking about taking him to the Humane Society because 1) they will neuter him and 2) they will keep him fed and happy until 3) they find him a home (our local Humane Society doesn't euthanize healthy animals whose only crime is that no one wants to adopt them.  They keep them until someone does.) 

But here is where you come in.  You see, today you have a wonderful opportunity set before you.  You do not want to squander this fabulous opportunity, this brief window that could afford you inestimable joy in the years to come.  Bizarro can be yours for absolutely free if you have a good home to offer him.  His shots and neutering will be your responsibility, but I assure you he is a very good cat.  He would be very nice to come home to.  You also don't have to call him Bizarro.  He looks like he is fairly young, so I imagine you would have a friend in him for many years.  And you'll be helping us by relieving the tension in the feline community on our front porch. 

Otherwise, we'll probably take him to the Humane Society tomorrow, but I figured I would give my readers the opportunity first.  I would love to know he's getting a good home, so act now.  Let me know ASAP. 

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  1. Bizzy went to the Humane Society today, which is kind of sad (he yelled in the car the whole way there) but also a good thing. They will take very good care of him and they will find a good home for him. They will make sure he is healthy and he won't have to worry about getting food or shelter anymore. Being a civic minded individual, I would add that they will also make sure he doesn't go out and create a new legion of kittens with no one to take care of them.

    Bizzy is at the Butte Humane Society and will probably not be up for adoption for a few days as they will have to neuter him. BUT, the good news for anyone out there who may want to give him a good home is that the Butte Humane Society is having FREE CAT ADOPTIONS! Check with the Humane Society for details. Bizzy could still be your own dear friend and roommate and they will do the neutering for you!