Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reading Group Reminder- Jane Eyre

This week our Reading the Classics with Paul book group begins Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.  I think you will all love it.  I'm well into it and already do.

This week we will be reading through Chapter 7 which, in my edition, takes us up to page 74 (it may be different in yours.)  I know that seems like more than normal but 1) it isn't really and 2) I'm finding it reads fairly quickly and 3) it's a long one. 

So, I encourage all of you to go get yourself a copy of Jane Eyre and start reading.  Next Thursday we shall all meet back here and cuss and discuss.

Jane Eyre, to my surprise, was the hardest work in this series yet for me to find a song or video I wanted to post in reference to this work.  As you well remember, in these reminder posts I like to post a little something fun associated with the work we're about to read.  There was a musical a few years ago with Youtube videos which I don't think I made it through listening to a single song.  There are classical pieces based on the work so obscure that they are completely unfindable online.  There are many film adaptations, all of which seem to put me in a trance in about 45 seconds.  So, finally, I found something appropriate to tone, theme and character to our book.  Here's a bittersweet, longing, love song sung by Mr. Rochester and The Sportsmen Quartet.

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