Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Weekend

I thought I'd make a post to share a few really lovely pictures I took over the weekend in a fit of effusive delight over Spring.  I know it's Tuesday, but Laurie had a three day weekend and, as you all know, my weekend is open ended.  On Saturday we went for a hike in Upper Park.

You can see the difference between Lower Park from my recent Nature Walk entry and Upper Park.  Lower Park is a walk, Upper Park is a hike.  It's very green and the flowers are blooming.  It's a really beautiful time to be in Chico.
On Sunday, the tulips in the garden at our church were at their peak of perfection.

We watched two films this weekend, both borrowed from our local library, both literary in nature although vastly different in theme and scope.  The first was a Hallmark adaptation of The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens starring Sir Peter Ustinov in the role of the gambling grandfather. It was a remarkably good production and we sat on our couch weeping openly as the pets looked on with mild concern.  I think we both enjoyed this one a lot more than the second film, which was the recent Hollywood adaptation of the novel The Hours by Michael Cunningham.  I wasn't sure I would like The Hours although I'm very fond of Virginia Woolf's work (perhaps because I am very fond of Virginia Woolf's work.)  I thought the Virginia Woolf sections were excellent.  I wasn't sure about the rest of the film until the connection was made around the start of the third act, after which I loved it. 

I am working on getting my first podcast recorded and posted (finally.)  I think all of you will enjoy it.  I need to get another piece of cheap but essential hardware before I can record it, but it's coming soon. 

On Monday, we drove to Sacramento to pick Gina up from the airport.  She was returning from her trip to Mexico City.  Laurie and I kept wanting to take pictures of everything as all of Northern California was beautiful, but we were on a time schedule and drive by photography is always disappointing.  Here are the Sutter Buttes at 70 mph.  Gina brought us a turtle made from obsidian.

I took a walk with Schubert and listened to an AMAZING episode of This American Life which you can listen to here.  I did some light gardening.  Our mint, tulip tree, banana tree, grapevine, geraniums and basil are all coming back.  Laurie made amazing vegetable soup.

So, we had a nice and really quite beautiful weekend. 


  1. Great .... you have a treasure there .... the park I mean.. I envy you!

  2. I love how much you love nature. It is inspiring.