Sunday, June 21, 2009

The truth can be told!

Or half of it anyway. I am going to be rolling out the first secret project on this blog later this week (I am still waiting on a few responses) so I feel that I can explain this secret project here and now. The other secret project remains under wraps for a few weeks while we hustle up some cables.
The one that concerns you right now is this. I have decided to start an ongoing project in which I take a subject about which I am interested but about which I know little and go talk to experts, experience for myself, and report the results. This is kind of what I would, in my ideal world, like to do, that is to say become sort of an information conduit. I would like to be a professional sharer. It doesn't seem to be a very large field so I must probably needs relegate this to a blogtime hobby. However, I was suddenly struck by the realization that I have a blog, nothing is stopping me (especially in this hopefully brief period of unemployment) from talking to people from all over the place about things that interest me, sending unsolicited emails to experts and that sort of thing.
The purpose is to scratch my itch of learning new things and the delight of sharing them with others. Also to expand and grow as a person in ways besides the one I do as a result of my love of beer and candy.
So, within the next few days I present to you "Paul Mathers on..."
I think I can also guarantee that you will not be able to guess what my topics will be.


  1. Well, perhaps we could provide topical suggestions! I'm particularly interested in an Einsteinien explanation of how God exists outside of time. I'm certain E=MC2 has something to do with it but I can't wrap my mind around the intricacies of it all. My last science class was in high school so I do not have the advantage of a great scientific mind. (smile)

  2. That's a great idea, Paul. If you get enough feedback from enough experts on a given topic, it could at least theoretically provide the framework for a book.

  3. A book is a good idea or you could pitch it to a newspaper. Look forward to reading all.