Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quick personal update

I thought I would take a few moments and do a quick personal update as I haven't for a while. You'll notice that I changed the blog name. Dave Porter's suggestion in the previous post's comments which I found kind of wonderful so I did.

Tomorrow marks 8 weeks since my lay off. I am plugging along, continuing to put in applications daily. Nothing is dire or even all that tight for us. And there are some irons in the fire. It seems like I get calls about once a week and interviews about once every two weeks. It is just a matter of time and, while I continue to treat seeking work as a full time job, we are not worried.

Laurie starts her new job tomorrow which is both exicting and a little daunting. I think it sounds great. I think it sounds like she will run out of This American Life and Radiolab podcasts really quick with that six hour job every Thursday. I may have to hook her on The Bugle.
As mentioned elsewhere, yesterday was our two year anniversary. We had a lovely dinner.

Tony has graduated (you probably already saw the pictures) and both he and Gina are going to visit their dad in LA in a few days. Gina is talking about working for a non-profit NGO abroad after college (hope that's okay for me to broadcast on my blog) and we are both very happy and proud of her. Tony is going to work for his father for a time and then is talking about getting his HVAC certification. We are very happy and proud of him as well.
My parents are coming up for a visit in a few days. I'm sure it will be difficult for Mom, but I am also sure that it will be so so good for all of us to be together.

I am working on another secret project, one independent of the other secret project (and independent of Laurie although she knows about it), one that will probably manifest its self before the other secret project. I'm excited for both. You should be too. The new secret project will manifest here so stay tuned to this blog. The other secret project will be revealed when we finish the first installment.

Other than that, all is fairly well. We had a surprise this afternoon when I took the dogs out and a man in a truck drove by slowly and asked "Is that a Schipperke?" I told him that it was and that his name was Schubert. He said "I have two of them in the back of my truck!"
He pulled over and sure enough out hopped two Schipperkes. In an instant I knew once and for all that Schubert is not pure bred. It was neat and we talked Schipperkes for a time. It is so rare that one sees other Schipperkes about!

More soon.

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