Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Loot

Let's get down to brass tacks.  What we got for Christmas:

My biggest gift was from my parents. It's a laptop and I am currently typing on it.  I can even be social as I blog.  I'm blogging in the kitchen right now.

I won't list everything that Laurie got since this is my blog and not hers, but she did get this PBS art history series.

Laurie also got a Kindle.  We are amazed at how much of the sort of thing we read is available for free, being firmly set in the public domain.

We also got a board game based upon the players' knowledge of the first lines of books.
The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick is a book which I have waited my adult life to read (not literally.  In spite of what appearances might suggest, I've done other things with my adult life as well), rather suspecting that I would never have the opportunity.  I do have the "excerpts from" which was published back in the 1990s, but this is the san gréal for PKD fans.  This is the Exegesis.
Another book I am beside myself with joy to own and read is the Journals of Spalding Gray.
We got garden gnomes climbing a rope for my mother.

Edgar Allan Poe tea.

My aunt sent me a sketchbook, which was a wonderful choice.  Ever since that Lagerfeld film I have been thinking of getting back into sketching, specifically design ideas that will never see realization.
 I think these are in reverse chronological order, but we had a lovely dinner.

Gina brought us wine from Georgia.  It has Joseph Stalin on it.
I bought Laurie a scarf/shawl by Karl Lagerfeld.
Laurie got me a cultural history of ballet, which I immediately started reading.
Schubert got a splendid little hat.
Gina brought me a book of Georgian poetry.
Gina brought Laurie art from Georgia.

Laurie bought me a messenger bag.  For the sake of brevity, Laurie bought me some wonderful new clothes.  I bought her a few books.  There were other things.  But the big news is Tony and Karina who got us a grandchild for Christmas.  Ezekiel Anthony was born on the 23rd.
That was our Christmas in brief.  It was undoubtedly on the short list of my favorites in my life so far.


  1. Splendid and momentous!

  2. Thanks, Paul, for opening up your home & sharing your family Christmas with us. Everyone looked so happy & it seems the gifts given were so well chosen. Through your blog & Facebook & the photos there one gets to know another family in another continent across the ocean that one has never met. It expands my universe & for me is a foretaste of that far deeper communion we'll have with one another in the new creation.

    I'd never heard of Spalding Gray & Philip Dick - not on my theological reading list! I'd only heard of Karl Lagerfeld from your previous blog.

    You're going to need that new bookshelf for all those new books you & Laurie gave to each other & others gave to you!

    The only thing missing was pics of you in your new clothes!

    Blessings on you, your home & all that reading! Thanks for sharing a splendid Christmas, one to remember, especially the birth of Ezekiel.

  3. I'm surprised that Santa's sleigh could even fly loaded up with all that ! Your ballet book looks good and a possible topic of mutual interest, but surely your best gift Paul arrived not via Santa but from the Maternity hospital. Congratulations.