Monday, January 10, 2011

In which I throw out a few more photos for the illusion of maintaining this blog

For want of any real blog-worthy material, I thought I might indulge in one of my photo updates.  The video above was my accidental discovery of the video recorder function on my new camera while attempting to take a still photo.  If I'm not mistaken, it is the first time I've ever uploaded a video onto the internet.  In it, you can see what Ginger and Lil' Chompy are like if you were to look at them on our couch for approximately 1 second. 

Napoleon was kind enough to pose for a piece I'm calling Cat Owner's Nightmare.

 But the real news of the week is our new dining room table.  You may ask, "Didn't you have a dining room table already?" 

Funny thing about that.  As all glassmakers know, one of the interesting properties of glass is that even a very sturdy, well made, and heavy piece of glass tapped just in the right spot with the right force will break or shatter.  Anyone with the most rudimentary eduction in slapstick can probably fill in the rest of the story for yourself.  I would add that I was always on the fence about that glass table anyway.  It was nice, well made, and slick to be sure, but there was something in the design that always struck me as being dated specifically in the 1990s.  This modest mahogany piece is a bit more timeless in my eye and, I daresay, more copacetic to the established flow of our home's decor.



  1. Looks great. Now I will admit my ignorance and go look up the definition for "copacetic". lol

  2. Now that you know it, Judy, you're gonna want to use it all the time! It's a great word.

  3. Having worked for years in emergency at a hospital the words 'Glass Table' are synonymous to me with 'severed arteries' so I' m glad you now live without the hazard.

  4. Laurie commented soon after the event that if our cat Agnes had been sitting where she normally sat beneath that table when it happened, she would be half the cat she was before.