Friday, October 29, 2010


Each Hallowe'en, Laurie and I do a bare minimum of joining in on the festivities.  We're not against the holiday or any such nonsense.  We are simply two working adults without small children nor a circle of friends who throw parties which they invite us to.  This year, I'm working on the night of the holiday.

So holidays tend to be a bit low key around our house.  This mainly translates to "we do the part of the festivities that we like and ignore the rest."  In the case of the very strange hybrid holiday known as Hallowe'en, the part we like is carving pumpkins and roasting their seeds.  We also tend to get a modest bag of candy on the off chance that a mendicant, masquerading moppet comes a-gently rapping on our chamber door.  Given our neighborhood, we tend to have a lot of leftover candy.

So, we went to Trader Joe's.

Laurie notes that, in keeping with our tastes, Laurie chose the large, handsome, classical one and I chose the small, elegant, white one. 

Then comes the choice of Jack-o'-lantern style.  I put it to the internet Hive Mind and got some excellent suggestions (including The Pope, Wilford Brimley, something from a Beckett play, and Dr. Mabuse.)  Finally, however, I was struck with the whiteness of the pumpkin and chose to go with a theme from my reading.  So, I produced this:

That's right!  It's the Great White Whale!  I would direct your attention to the harpoons sticking out of his side which I fashioned from paperclips and thread.  The fluke is simply a wire hanger with the stem also papered over.

To answer your question, yes, I was the kind of kid who loved to make dioramas for school projects.


  1. That's a whale of a white pumpkin! heh-heh

    I'm wondering if the whites cook up as well as the ordinary pumpkins?

  2. I don't know about the pumpkin itself, but the seeds cook up just fine.