Monday, September 13, 2010

A Wine Rack, You Say?!!?

It's been a while since I've had a picture post (and, it's been a while since I've had a short post.) Here's something new!

This is the top of our pantry cabinet in our kitchen.  Laurie has been making the house even more beautiful while I've been working nights.  I don't make a lot of demands about our home.  I told Laurie, back when I proposed to her, that she could do whatever she wanted with the house.  But it occurred to me recently that we ought to own a wine rack.  Laurie concurred and we bought the one pictured. It was fairly inexpensive and, I thought, a lovely addition to our kitchen.

I came to the decision that we ought to have one mainly over the bottle of port in the foreground of the lower picture.  If you can't read the inscription, it was inscribed to Laurie and I by Rob and Jess as a wedding gift to be opened on our 25th anniversary. It was the catalyst for obtaining a wine rack as I want to make sure it's properly stored on its side.

So, Laurie and I may have a new, modest hobby.  I think Rob would have been happy to know that.  We thought we might, when we are able, get a nice bottle every once in a while and have a little rack for special occasions.  I think we both also like the fence that this particular rack sets.  We can have eight.  Plus the freestanding black cat Reisling.

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