Monday, February 1, 2010

Laurie had a birthday today

I kept meaning to post this picture of Agnes right after we brought her home from the vet. She was still all drugged up, the poor little dear. She still hasn't quite forgiven us for the ordeal, but she is visibly healthier and she is beginning to forgive. Baby steps.

But what I really wanted to post about was that today is the birthday of the love of my life, Laurie, my best friend and my wife. Here she is in her new hat.

Gina bought Laurie a rooster magnet for her birthday. My mom got her Luther's commentary on Galatians. Laurie and I went out for dinner. I got her new earphones, Agnes' trip to the vet (which broke the bank, but was well worth it), and a frame for the poster of the Sutro bath house which we're going to put in our kitchen. I'll post pictures when we assemble the frame. Also Gina bought Laurie a card with a guy holding a possum on it in honor of the possum who lives in our wall. On the outside it says "You're how old?" And on the inside it says "That's Im-possum-ble!"

Mango looks on.

Gina also brought over a cake.

I told Laurie I like this one because it looks like she's trying to yell the candles out.

One of my favorite new photos of myself.

Happy Birthday, Laurie.


  1. both of you look awesome! and well it is belated now.. but Happy B'day Laurie!

  2. laurie is so beautiful! you are two lucky people :) happy birthday laurie!

  3. Wow! Thanks to both of you. I indeed won the husband lottery.

  4. I clicked to see the books in the photo behind Laurie in her new hat. Awesome reading! Then I clicked back here and I may have lost my already typed "Happy Birthday!". So if you get two HBs from me, that's the reason why! LOL