Sunday, September 13, 2009

Old Friends

This weekend Laurie and I took care of her hairdresser's ranch again. And you know what that means.

I got to visit with my friend Norman the steer! As I mentioned, he has a large pasture in the back of the lot. I get to take him out some alfalfa hay.

He also lives with two llamas.

I'm not entirely sure why I'm so fascinated by the steer. Probably partially because I grew up in Orange County and didn't see a real live cow until I was like 30. But also, and this is especially the case with Norman, there's something kind of wonderful about his existence. He stands in a field and eats. Norman, as I mentioned, is a pet and will never be meat. So, he's just kind of around to stand in a field, eat, in the silent country and gorgeous Northern Californian landscape without a thought in his blessed cow brain.
It's a small thing and a simple thing, but it's such a joy to go out and see peaceful Norman. He's outstanding in his field.


  1. out standing LOL
    Norman would never survive on an Iowa farm. They take them to the place where they make McD's burgers

  2. Love the pictures. Wouldn't think the alfalfa would be good for your asthma.

  3. I love the smell of alfalfa. In my 20s I lived for a while with a who had horses, chickens and from time to time helped out with the neighbors goats. My conclusions? Fresh chicken eggs rock. Horses are amazingly flatulent. And goats are some kind of weirdly wonderful. I don't miss my 20s much, but I miss the Washington countryside.

  4. With a... FAMILY who had horses. Blogger really doesn't like my BlackBerry.

  5. Judy,
    Yeah, Norman has a pretty cake life. I don't know the story of how he ended up there, but I do know he's a pet or a decorative steer.

    yes, the alfalfa hay is bad for my asthma.

    I love fresh eggs! My brother has chickens and every once in a while we get fresh eggs from them as well as goats (I've tried goat milk and liked it, but if memory serves I think Laurie exercises her veto power over bringing goat milk into the house.) Horses are flatulent in my experience as well and goats are fantastic. Also, I don't miss my 20s either.